01. R00-L1

        Project in a joint exhibition - Sofandaháttur 
Akureyri - August 2020



        The project of R00-L1 was exhibitied at the joint exhibition Sofandaháttur (Sleepwalk) with work by Sunna Svavarsdóttir and Marta Sigríður. 

The theme for Sunna’s and Marta’s exhibition was created while brainstorming about Icelander’s working and sleeping culture, after having both moved back to the country. Found objects and leftover papers from a former office in the exhibition space, lead to a conversation about office culture and the sleepwalk of repeated work. In a pandemic Icelanders went home to rest but also woke up from a straineous routine. Sofandaháttur is the rotation of old sleeping habits, abundance of time and interruption of daily life.  


1:10 scale model
Exhibiting artists: Sunna Svavarsdóttir & Marta Sigríður Róbertsdóttir
Location: Skipagata 11, Akureyri
Support by: The town council of Akureyri


Drawings of the space at Skipagata 11

R00-L1 colour palette


        In a future society where remote work has domintated office work, R00-L1 comes in and compresses office life to only few minutes a month. In abandoned office spaces your personal R00-L1 waits for you and jumps in where important documents need to be signed. R00-L1 rolls towards you when you show up, papers are signed and put in a box where they are digitally forwarded. In a normal office space that before hosted 20 people, now have space for over 150 R00-L1 that do the work while you sleep.

1:200 scale model